I write stuff. sometimes.

My self-hosted stuff

Hosting all the things from a closet.

I've always had a media server setup running in our house, but during the pandemic I got much more interested in self hosting various services. This list of self hosted applications on my home server changes all the time.

Media management architecturertorrentjackettRadarr, Sonarr, etc.overseerrreseed (8TB)unpackerrstorage (56TB)Plex, Calibre, etc.bazarrtautullitiny media manager

With the exception of Snapraid and MergerFS these are all running in docker and are accessed in a browser.

I currently use this for a single notification with a modified version of snapraid-runner, but plan to do a lot more with it.

If I ever get motivated enough this will eventually become a useful family wiki.

Ebook management

Provides an OPDS feed for Calibre.

web-based graphical interface for servers

Edit various configs and scripts on my server in an actual editor instead of terminal.

Get music.

For easy manual file needs.

Clean dashboard

Add feeds to various *-Arr apps.

OPDS feed for comic books

all the logs.

A dead simple union filesystem

Keep your data close

Local domains instead of ip addresses and ports

simple access to predefined shell commands from a web interface

Update containers automatically

Media request system

Organize paper documents digitally. Will likely migrate to paperless-ngx

Network wide ad blocker.

For when I'm away from my local network.

Media server. Movies, TV, Music, Audio books

Easy container management

Movie collection manager

ebook collection manager

Coupled with rTorrent it is a little extra legwork for the most connectable torrent software ever.

Dead simple array backup

TV collection manager

Plex monitoring, but mostly using it for notifications. Every time something is added or removed from Plex this will ping a slack channel.

Media file renaming

Automatic decompression watcher